mars 10, 2019

Bangkok City Guide by @meryldenis

Thailand is an amazing country. I’m more a beach person, but I don’t know why I still fell in love with Bangkok ! We stayed only 2 nights and 2 full days, so it was really short. If I could do it again, I would have stayed at least 3 days I think.
My biggest piece of advice would be for you to buy a mask  because of the pollution (you can buy it before your trip in pharmacy, or you can also buy some in the city), there is a lot of pollution in Bangkok, some months more than others. When we arrived the first evening we didn’t wear masks and a few hours letter we had sore throats.



. The temples in Bangkok were the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen ! You don’t want to miss it. It’s amazing to find these spiritual places in the middle of the building in the city.

📍 Wat Benchama Bophit
This temple was my favorite one, all these golden details are breathtaking . It can get very crowded with tourists, that’s why we visited it at 07:00am in the morning, it was better for the light from the sunrise, but also because we were all alone for one hour before the bus of tourists arrived.


📍 Wat Arun
The architecture of this temple is amazing. It almost doesn’t even look real ! We arrived at 09:00am, more latter than for the  Wat Benchama Bophit, I don’t know if we were lucky but it was not too crowded. A lot of tourists arrived after 10:00am.


📍 China Town
It’s so funny how you can visit a country, and just around a corner you feel like you are visiting another country with another culture ! I love visiting China towns when I travel, it was just after the Chinese new year, so we were lucky to find a lot of decoration. We visited a few shops to buy some delicious food to take back with us at home.


📍 The city by night –  Khao San Road Market
Bangkok is really famous for the night life and its markets. We love to walk around the city full of light.
We visited the market of Khao San Road because we found on the internet it was the best place to find some fried-insects to eat, we really wanted to try this haha. There are a lot of people, shops, foods, clubs and musics everywhere, it’s the best place if you want to enjoy a fun night with your friends.




📍 Broccoli Revolution
A really good restaurant with a large choice of vegan and health food.


📍 Not Just Another Cup
It was not only the best food I’ve had in Bangkok, but it was also one of the best food I’ve had in my whole life haha. The wood was healthy and so tasty. The place is a little bit expensive for Bangkok, but we didn’t care it was too good ! Even if we were in Bangkok only for 2 days, we still managed to come to this restaurant twice haha.




📍 Amara Bangkok Hotel
Bangkok is known for its famous rooftop pools, and we really wanted to stay at one of these hotels for our pictures.
The Amara Bangkok Hotel isn’t the most famous one, but we really loved it. Unfortunately a lot of you asked me on instagram if the pool was open to everyone, but the answer is no… The pool is only for the clients of the hotel, which means even if you want to buy a drink you can’t go.




We visited the city only with the app GRAB (it’s like uber, but in Asia), it was really cheap, but we had to wait at least 8-10 minutes every time we booked a car, but it was actually ok. We were stocked in the traffic the first night and we missed a sunset, so I guess during the busy hours taking the subway would have been better !


Thank you Bangkok, for the wonderful memories.


Ser avril 22, 2019 - 2:02

Hello Meryl, Superbe article qui donne envie de découvrir cet endroit comme souvent 😁. As tu des conseils concernant l’apprentissage de l’anglais. Tu as l’air de très bien maîtrisé cela. Je suis étudiante en Master 2. Le job dans lequel je souhaite postuler me demande un niveau de rédaction écrite et en second une aisance oral.
Je te remercie par avance … 🙂

studio Bain de lumiere mai 27, 2019 - 10:45

superbes ces photos. Tu ne shootes plus de look à Paris? J’aimais bien voir tes shooting parisiens. Il y en aura bientôt des nouveaux ?


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